Saturday, November 22, 2008

Over 30 Thanksgiving Recipes & How-to Videos for YOU!

Hi all!
My company, how2heroes, has been working day and night to bring you some of the most incredible Thanksgiving recipes - from great home cooks sharing family recipes, fancy chefs, bakers, even wine experts who'll help you figure out what to serve with your big juicy turkey. Below are our most popular Thanksgiving recipes. I hope you try some of them and have a wonderful holiday. I'm so looking forward to it. Oh, and check back on our site when you're ready for some creative leftovers recipe. We'll be launching a few amazing ones next Tuesday. Cheers!

Try these popular, delicious Thanksgiving recipes and visit the Thanksgiving section of how2heroes for more great recipes.

#1 - Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes
#2 - Deep Fried Turkey
#3 - High Heat Roast Turkey
#4 - Vegan Fig & Wild Rice Seitan Roulade
#5 - World's Best Apple Pie! It really is!
#6 - Bea's Gravy
#7 - Apple Crisp
#8 - Ginger Cranberry Sauce
#9 - Pecan Pie from James Beard Award Winner and New Orlean's favorite chef, Frank Brigsten
#10 - Uncle Frank's Oyster Stuffing

Definitely check out our new Thanksgiving Wines video for some great ideas on wine to serve with your meal!

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