Sunday, December 28, 2008

Shake Things Up This New Year's with New Cocktails & Twists on the Classics

Courtesy of my company, how2heroes, here's a countdown of 10 inspired drink ideas from pros and enthusiasts alike for New Year's and into 2009. Click here for videos & recipes for these and more. Cheers!!

10. Fruitcake Flip
Finally, a great use for fruitcake! Eben Freeman, master mixologist from Tailor in NYC has developed a fruitcake infusion that you then turn into his delicious creation, the Fruitcake Flip.

9. Arctic Melt
Master mixologist Alex Ott, who shakes drinks for OSCAR parties, says you can make someone fall in love with you by serving them this drink. In the words of Beyonce, "All the single ladies...All the single ladies..."

8. The Rory
"Luscious Liqueurs" author A.J. Rathbun not only shows you how to make this luscious drink but also shows you how to create the Chocolate Cream Liqueur that goes in it. Hello!

7. The Cocotini
Created by yours truly, this drink is a real crowd pleaser even for those who don't typically drink. At its foundation is coconut and rum but it gets spiced up when you infuse water with star anise, cloves and cinnamon then top it off with grated nutmeg and a gorgeous raspberry. Make a pitcher before the night starts to get things rolling.

6. The Valencia
"Luscious Liqueurs" author A.J. Rathbun strikes again with this winner and shows you how it's done - with apricot brandy, oj, bitters, topped with champagne. lovely.

5. Ginger Trois
Alex Ott shows us another heart-warming cocktail made with chai tea, apple cider, wine, vodka and of course ginger.

4. Sour Cherry Manhattan
Amy Collins from Street in San Francisco not only shows you how to make the cocktail but also the Brandy Infused Cherries for the drink. Meow.

3. Hot Buttered Rum
Rum and butter - what's not to love? Lino from Upstairs on the Square in Cambridge, shows you how to make this classic with panache.

2. Venus in Furs
Lino shows you this champagne cocktail, which is a twist on the Kentucky classic, the Sealbach.

1. how2heroes Holiday Sangria
A nice twist on the citrus version we typically associate with summer. This version uses apple cider and holiday spices like cloves and star anise. It's our #3 recipe on the website right now. The beauty is you can make up a whole batch to last the whole night so the only thing you have to shake is your booty.

Happy New Year!!!
We hope you'll visit how2heroes often in 2009 for more recipe inspirations!

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